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My cookbooks are designed to educate everyone on the importance of Proper Nutrition for Great Health! Anyone suffering with Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Weight Problems or Constipation, will find that these cookbooks will help them restore their health. If you are really concerned about how to avoid Mad Cow Disease, High Cholesterol Levels, High Blood Pressure, or what food you can eat on a Diabetic Diet, then these cookbooks are a must for you. My prayer is that everyone would want to improve their health and really want to live longer. Please do not wait until it is too late, do it now!

I would like to acknowledge and thank God for all His help that He provided to me as I wrote these cookbooks. God totally inspired me with most of the recipes and gave me the wisdom that I needed in order to put these cookbooks together. These cookbooks are not mine, but are God's! I use the money to help spread God's Health Message and His Word to the world. I have dedicated these cookbooks to God and His service.

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