***Pictures taken by Allan Harbron and Dr. Henry Zuill.



I'm blending chicken like seasoning without any animal products or MSG. You can use this seasoning for chicken noodle soup, delicious potatoes, or any other kind of soups, and it is very delicious!

I'm pouring water and cashews to blend and mix the turkey gluten.

I'm showing the audience the finished product of the turkey gluten. This gluten is very delicious!!

They are all look very interested and serious about how to make turkey gluten.


After vegetables are cooked crisp and tender..I removed it from the heat and added the stuffing, then tossed it gently to moisten.

You should nicely decorate the plate to enhance your display.

I am cooking the glazed carrots. This is so sweet, that you could eat it as a dessert or a side dish.

Anybody can make glazed carrots, if I can make them!


 Here is brother Gene, who came to support our ministry.  He is standing next to the tall man who is my loving husband Larry.  I would like to thank my husband for all his loving support that he provides to me.

We did our routine drawing at my cooking class and George was the blessed winner!! His wife couldn't attend my cooking class because she was sick, so he dedicated this cookbook to her.

This is how I display my cookbooks and pictures at each of my cooking classes.

We set up the table after the presentation was done, and we are waiting for the blessing before we taste the food.


 I am so happy because I get to meet a lot of wonderful people through my cooking classes.

People are lining up to taste the food that I prepared. Nancee, who is the first person in line, was kind enough to bring me the turkey centerpiece with candle to brighten the Thanksgiving theme.

Jean always wanted to learn how to cook healthy for all her life, but just didn't know how to until she moved to Mena, AR from Wisconsin and attended my cooking class! She was very happy and loved how the food tasted!!

That is me and Joyce with the teenagers that attended the cooking class. I am very excited and happy to see that teenagers are interested in how to cook healthy.


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