After I completed my first cookbook I had a desire to share with the whole world the good news that God had blessed me with.  I was so excited about God's Health Message and I was so impressed with it, that I just had to get His message to everyone.  But how?
   The thought came to me, maybe through a website.  I really wanted to have my own website, but I really did not know the first thing about a website or how to even start one.  All that I knew about a website was that it costs to have one and at the time I really did not have the money to do that.  I started praying to God and I asked Him to please help me get His Health Message to all of the world.  I just knew that God would help me, because this was not my message, but it was His.
   One day God impressed me to ask my daughter (Christina) with help in building a website for His Health Message.  I told her that I really wanted to share what God had given to me, and I felt the best way to do it would be to have my own website.  I asked Christina if she could do this and she told me that she would check into it and let me know.
   Christina not only built me a website (Praise the Lord), but she found one that was free.  God is truly wonderful!!!  I was so excited about this news, because God not only heard my prayers, but He answered it.  God not only hears big prayers, He hears the small ones too (Amen)!  Christina spent a lot of time working on my website and I will always be grateful to her for all that she did for God!  It really was a lot of hard work for her and I was so impressed and thrilled about what she created for God's ministry.  She did go the extra mile for me!
    Although the website pleased me, I was really concerned with all the free advertisments (pop-ups) that came with the free website.  They did not present a very Christian like atmosphere and that bothered me a great deal.  I just felt that God's ministry should not have all that non-Christian advertisment on it.  I really wanted to have a website that did not come with all of those free pop-ups on it.
     I decided to start searching for a better Christian website shortly after returning from 3ABN where I was invited to tape some cooking programs on "Let's Cook Together" in November 2005.  I did not have a clue on where to begin.  All I knew was that I needed a website that would glorify God.  I started praying to God for His help in this matter.  I totally put the matter into His wonderful hands and trusted that He would answer my prayer.
     3ABN invited me back June 5, 2006 to tape a cooking program on "3ABN Today" and also to tape me and my husbands testimony.  The programs aired the week after we got back and we received numerous phone calls and E-mails from all over the world (Praise the Lord)!  Every call and E-mail was so special to us, but one of the E-mails that I received was truly Heaven sent (Praise the Lord)!
     It was from a wonderful brother (Iasmin Balaj) who lives in Canda and he said that he watched my testimony and that it was great to see the changes that God had made in my life.  He said tht he looked at my website right after the testimony and that was why he was contacting me.  He said that he host websites for Christian ministries and he noticed that my website was free and he saw a lot of advertising added by them.  He asked me if I really liked all those advertisments.  He said that he would like to help me by providing me with a new website (Praise God)!  He said that I could visit his website at and let him know.
     I was really lost for words when I received this E-mail.  I had been praying to God for this very thing and here was my answer (Praise His Holy Name)!  I am so thankful that I serve such a Wonderful and Loving God.  He deserves all of our Praise and Love, because He is our Heavenly Father!  Our God is never too far away that He does not hear our needs!  All we need to do is to put our trust in Him!

      I accepted his offer and now I have a new Christian website (Hallelujah)!  I am totally excited and happy with my new website.  God gave me a very professional Christian website, through my brother Iasmin.  I truly want to thank God for sending me a brother in Christ during the time of my need (Amen)!


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