I would just like to thank all the wonderful people who have sent me words of encouragement through phone calls, letters and E-mails. They really touched my heart more than words can express. Below are some of the letters and E-mails that I have received from my dear sisters and brothers.


* Dear Mrs Weathersby, After speaking with you on the phone, which thrilled my heart, because I had seen you and your husband on the 3ABN program. It was so uplifting to my soul to see and hear someone who was so on fire for the Lord that I had to listen to the program a second time. God bless you both for working for Him as you do. Your cooking class on 3ABN Today (6-14-06) was just what I've been looking for. Thank you, in Jesus name, for cooking the way He wants us to. Forever grateful, Anna


* Dear Kyong, Just seen you cooking on 3ABN. Everything looked so good. I'd love to buy your cookbooks. Wanda

* Hi Kyong, I'm so thankful the Lord is using you in such a powerful way to help others. There truly are so many suffering people out there. I loved reading the testimonies of those you have helped so far. Praise the Lord! It must give you and your husband great satisfaction and joy to know that all of your hard work and efforts is resulting in such wonderful benefit to others. You get to share in the joy of the Lord! You're just such a sweet, caring, humble servant of the Lord who gives Him all the praise and glory. Barbara


* Kyong, I so enjoyed watching your school. I was able to get all the recipes you made. I already baked the cookies. They taste so good! God bless your ministry. Evelyn


* Dear Mrs Weathersby, I enjoyed watching you on 3ABN Today cooking and I want to get your cookbooks. Thank you for taking the time to put together these cookbooks and teaching others about healthy eating. May the Lord continue to bless you and your husband in this ministry. Marie


* Dear Kyong and Larry, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and to go the extra mile to offer solid counsel and prayer which gave hope and courage to continue the Christian warfare. I am sitting at the computer lost for words to express appreciation. May God continue to bless your ministry. You both are a wonderful pair - a breath of fresh air which can only come from above. Please continue to pray for us. Amaryllis


* Mrs Weathersby, I received your cookbooks and I just love them!!! We've already made the chicken-style seasoning and carob milkshakes. I treated my parents last Sabbath nite and they enjoyed the popcorn with the seasoning and the milkshakes. I hope and pray you're having a wonderful day in Christ today. Sonya


* Dear Kyong, I watched your cooking show on 3ABN Today and I have to have all your cookbooks. I want to lose weight and I want to eat healthy. Thank you, Evonne


* Dear Sister Kyong, I am so very happy to get through to you. You sound so sweet in person as you do on TV. May God continue to bless His ministry. I am very happy to have you on the program. I will share with others your recipes. May God continue to bless you, your family and His ministry. Sister Peters


* Dear Kyong, I enjoyed very much your cooking demonstration on cooking healthy food on 3ABN yesterday, August 23, 06. So I'm ordering book 1 & 2 of your cookbooks. May the Lord richly bless you as you teach and show people how to eat and live healthy! Maranatha! Lovingly, Caroline


* Hello Kyong, I will look forward to seeing you on 3ABN again. You are spreading God's health message in such a wonderful and delicious way. Love and Prayers, Linda


* Dear Kyong, It was pleasant to meet you over the phone a few minutes ago. My wife Margie will be pleased to receive your three cookbooks as our anniversary present. She will be looking forward to receiving them and then using some of the good recipes. Our love to you and your family, Winton


* Dear Kyong, I so enjoyed your cooking program on 3ABN. This station has so blessed me. I would like to get 1 of your cookbooks with the tamale receipes and cucumber pickles etc... I have changed my eating habit since I started watching 3ABN and have lost 26 lbs Smile Praise God and 3ABN! God Bless You. Rosalyn


* Dear Kyong, I so enjoyed your cooking demonstration on 3ABN. You are really talented! I am a 7th Day Adventist and trying to become a Vegetarian. Would you please send me your cookbooks that has the recipe for beef (that is made from gluten). It sounds so delicious and practical. I would like to try it on my meat eating husband and others. Hope to see you in heaven! In love of Christ, Marjorie


* Hello Mrs Weathersby, I just finished watching your cooking show on 3ABN and I was really impressed with the simple, yet quick and how pleasant to the eye your recipes were made. As a new Vegan, I think they would be very helpful to me. Keep up the good work for the Lord and I know that He will bless others like myself and you will be blessed even more. Thanks, Sonia


* Dear Kyong, Thank you for being so kind to return my call and answering the questions for my friend. Enclosed please find my check for all three cookbooks. I'm so excited to try out all the recipes! God has surely blessed you. I'm looking forward to your next cookbook also. May our Lord continue to bless you and your family. Your new friend in Christ, Jo


* Dear Kyong, It was a blessing to me to watch you. I've already tried some of the recipes at home. Thanks so much for being willing to come to 3ABN Kyong, and to share the recipes God has shared with you. It is a real ministry you have sharing and blessing others lives. Love and prayers, Jill


* Hi Kyong, Thank you for blessing my home with your nutrituous recipes. I've been doing the cooking and my parents have been enjoying these delicious meals. Last weekend we tried your cheese and beef like lasagne and the stir-fry red bell pepper and zucchinis. The healthy foods are God's plan for us. Thanks again Kyong. I love you my sister Smile! Have a great day in Christ, Sonya


* Hello Mrs. Weathersby, I saw you and your husband on 3ABN Tv, and was so hopeful, the way you express your love for JESUS, and your testimony, and the way you look for the things that were important to you; and your husband who stepped out on faith and trusted the LORD to take care of situations that arose. What satan meant for evil, GOD turned it around for good. I praise GOD for you and your cooking class. May He always Bless you for your Obedience to Him. I have a thyroid problem. If I don't take my medication everyday, I gain weight. I do not know the first thing about eating right. Right now I'm at 225 lbs., 5'4", age 54, with cholesterol problem, high blood, back problems, feet problems, yeast infections, (yeast rashes). I heard about your husband losing 75 lbs in six months, gave me the hope I needed. So I am sending for your cookbooks. A Sister in Christ, Annette


* Dear Kyong, I watched your Vegetarian cooking on 3ABN and they looked delicious. I am trying to be a Vegan, but none of the vegetarian dishes appeal to me. But your appears to be the real thing. I hope they taste as nice as they look. Please send me all three of your books. God Bless you from me for sharing your talents with the whole world. E.A.


* Kyong, God is blessing His servants and using them and you and Larry are truly receiving the joy that He intended for you to receive, because you give your talents to God to serve and help His children. I'm so glad you share the excitement you have about this with me. It makes me so happy. Love to you and Larry, Donna


* Hi Kyong, I made your veggie beef last Monday. It was soooo good. I will make it very often. And I made vegebergers using your veggie beef last Wednesday. I ground your veggie beef. It is so good. They don't have vegeburger in can here, so I use to buy it from Korea, but it was heavy, so I couldn't bring as many as I wanted. I was even thinking of asking my friend who comes here from the States every December to buy vegeburgers for me, but now I don't need to do that. Your veggie beef makes perfect vegeburgers. Thank you so much. Love, Seung Yeon


* Dear Servant of the most high God, Greetings in His Holy Name, I received your cookbooks safely here in England. I want to share with everyone my testimony about your cookbooks. Oh what a book!!! This is the book of all other cookbooks! It deserves to win an award! I know it has won Heavens top award! E.A. Palmer


* Dear Kyong, Thank you so very much for the cookbook that you sent. It is very greatly appreciated and it is in use almost daily. Sincerely, with the Love of Christ, Elisia


* Dear Kyong, Seen your cooking show again last night. I've seen a lot of others, but enjoy yours the most. They look so good and easy to prepare. God bless you Kyong. Your sister in Jesus, Wanda

* Dear Kyong, Nice visiting with you this evening and seeing your cooking program today. I sure would like to be able to learn from your cookbooks on how to cook properly vegetarian. Enclosed is my check for the 3 books you've created. I look forward eagerly to learning how to do vegan right. God's blessing on your endeavors and thanks. Cleone


* Dear sister Kyong, I saw you on 3ABN. Your cooking presentation was most enjoyable. I've always wanted to know how to make gluten steaks with gluten flour and how to make tamales. Enclosed is a check for "A Taste of Heaven" #2. Thank you very much and may God bless you, Raymond


* Dear Kyong, This morning I was watching 3ABN and saw your cooking segment. In short, I was thrilled with what I saw and heard! I'm living in Australia, and I would really love to purchase your cookbooks. I have decided to become vegan a few months ago and need decent and tasty recipes to help me. The testimonials are inspiring. Regards, Louise


* Hi Kyong, As for the corn bread, I did it as you said in the cookbooks. It was perfect. I sent back the bread machine to the store and got myself a mixer instead. I made the flaxseed bread, soy bread and gluton beef-style. It was great and yummy and lumpsous, if there is such a word. Great news! The change in our meals have been very rewarding. We no longer have trouble to use the washroom and most interestingly, I have lost 6lbs since I am on your recipes. I talking about in 2 weeks. God bless you, and I thank Him for revealing the idea of doing these cookbooks. I love you... Yours in Christ, Andrea


* Hello again, I am having such a good time with your cookbooks!!! I made more of your whole wheat bread which we really like. I also made the whole wheat lecithin pancakes with the peach sauce--absolutely delicious!! I made the vegetarian meat for the first time and used it in your recipe for Italian Steak that you did on 3ABN that you let me watch--I copied the recipe. I haven't tried it yet, but Scott and Mitch said it is wonderful. I did try one of the "Meat" patties on the whole wheat bread with you recipe for BBQ sauce, and that made a wonderful sandwich. I also made the raisin granola, and that is so delicious--it's my new favorite food!! Thanks again Kyong, Your sister in Christ, Gina


* Dear Kyong, My mother has been watching your program on 3ABN. She really enjoys it. She thinks you cook some really good looking dishes. She is 97 years old and lives in her own home. Thank you very much, Rose


* Dear Kyong, I saw you on 3ABN Today - yesterday - 3-7-07. I was truly inspired by your simple cooking. My husband and I have been looking for a way to go Vegetarian. I have a new baby and I would like to bring her up healthy. I am enclosing a check for your 4 Cookbooks. Thank you for your ministry, Laura


* Dear Mrs. Weathersby, I am so glad that I was watching 3ABN when you came on with your cooking class. I got really excited when I heard you say that you could cure diabetes, high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and cancer with this diet. Since I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and am overweight, I really need your books. Thanks so much for your attention and the blessings of your health ministry. I am sure your books will help me to get rid of all of the above diseases. Sincerely, Ilse


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