4 ways Brown Rice keeps you healthy

All rice starts off brown. But milling, or polishing, removes the outer hull and bran along with nearly all the fiber and nutrients, including an important B vitamin, thiamine. If you don’t get enough thiamine, you can develop a serious illness called beriberi. This disease can lead to loss of muscle tone, nerve and heart damage - even death. Most modern countries now enrich polished rice with thiamine making beriberi almost unheard of.

But why not eat rice the way nature intended - BROWN, natural, and full of fiber. Is just one more component of a healthy dietary regimen that can help reduce your risk for heart disease, as well as other diseases such as cancer and diabetes.


* BLOCKS HEART DISEASE - Refined foods are like books with every other page ripped out - you can’t get much out of them. But we still insist on processing and refining most of the nutrition out of foods. If you’re looking for extra protection against serious health problems like heart disease, add whole, unrefined grains to your diet.

A study of more than 75,000 nurses over 10 years showed whole grains including cereal bran might protect you from heart disease. The nurses who ate foods like whole-wheat bread and brown rice were less likely to develop heart disease than those who ate mostly refined foods like white bread and white rice.

* DEFENDS AGAINST DIABETES - Whole grains rich in fiber and magnesium mean added protection against adult-onset (type 2) diabetes, especially for older women. With diabetes, your body becomes less and less sensitive to insulin and your blood sugar keeps going up. But even the American Heart Association is recommending more fiber - 25 grams a day - based on research proving high fiber foods can improve your blood sugar control.

Make brown rice part of a three-servings-a-day-plan to cut your risk of developing diabetes. However six helpings of whole-grain foods every day is better.

* SIDESTEPS STORKE - More women die from strokes than men. And many stroke survivors end up with permanent disability. Don’t let this happen to you. Eat just a little more than one serving of whole grains every day and you could reduce your risk of having a stroke by 30 to 40 percent. (If you’ve never been a smoker, your risk is even lower.) That translates into about a cup of cooked brown rice - easy enough to fit into your lunch or dinner menu.

* BLOCKS KIDNEY STONES - Kidney stones are hard, rock-like deposits formed from too much calcium in your blood. If you’ve ever had ne, you know how incredibly painful they can be. But a painless solution is as simple as adding rice bran to your diet.

Less than two tablespoons of rice bran with breakfast and dinner protected 60 percent of the people in a Japanese study from new kidney stones. And the group, as a whole, formed fewer stones than before the study.

Doctors think rice bran reduces how much calcium your body absorbs through your intestines.  You can buy it at most health food stores and even at some supermarkets.


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