6 ways Blueberries keep you healthy

PUTS THE CRUNCH ON CANCER. Cancer is often the end result of free radicals gone haywire. But you can short-circuit these killers with powerful antioxidants like the ones found in blueberries. Recent studies in Germany found foods high in antioxidants seemed to protect people from cancer.


BEATS HEART DISEASE. For years doctors have known free radicals attack your arteries, leaving them scarred and more easily clogged by fatty deposits. The longer this goes on, the higher your risk for heart attacks and strokes. But they also know certain antioxidants fight free radical damage and keep your blood from getting too sticky. The studies discovered people who ate they most antioxidant-rich foods, like blueberries, were the least likely to die of a heart attack.

STABILIZES BLOOD SUGAR. Blueberries are a favorite folk remedy for high blood sugar, but scientists only recently found their own proof. Animal studies in Italy showed blueberries lowered blood sugar levels by about 26 percent. Although diabetes is a serious illness that requires professional care, it certainly couldn’t hurt to sprinkle a handful of these healthy berries on your cereal.

GIVES UTIs THE SLIP. Researchers know E.coli bacteria cause a lot of urinary tract infections (UTIs). For years doctors thought the acid in certain fruits, especially cranberries, worked to get rid of UTIs by chasing away these bacteria. Now they know blueberries, like cranberreis, contain antioxidants that actually change the structure of the bacteria - they become powerless to attach themselves to your cells and start multiplying.

KEEPS YOUR MIND SHARP. Exciting new studies at Tufts Universithy in Boston suggest blueberry extract may improve memory, coordination, and speed tests. You just might be able to reverse some of the symptoms of aging by adding blueberries to your daily menu.

RESTORES REGULARITY. People in Sweden have used blueberries for hundreds of years as a cure for diarrhea. It may be blueberries counteract the bacteria causing diarrhea or it could be their soluble fiber keeps your bowels humming along regularly. A single cup of blueberries contains about 15 percent of your daily recommended intake of fiber. Just think, you might be able to throw away both your diarrhea and laxative medications simply by adding blueberries to your diet.


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