* Meat was not in God’s original plan as food for human consumption. (Gen 1:29)

* Man was not given permission to eat flesh (the clean meats) until after the flood.

* Then a very interesting thing happened.  Within a few generations the life span dropped from nearly 1,000 years to our present life span.

* The flavor of meat is obtained from the blood and uric acid (urine) within the tissues.

* God told us that we are forbidden to eat the blood (Leviticus 7:26), and fats of animals (Leviticus 7:23)

* Uric acid is a toxic waste product or poison to our body and burdens the liver and kidneys.  If you were to remove the blood and the uric acid, meat would taste much like shoe leather.

* When meat and dairy products are digested they produce an acid condition within the blood.  This acid wears on the bones, causing a weakening of the bone structure leading to osteoporosis.

* Meat eating will lead to High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Kidney and Liver Disorders, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

* Animals are full of diseases and chemicals. Take for example, cancer.  The visible cancer in a cancerous animal, when detected, is cut out.  But cancer has the ability to metastasize and may be spread throughout the carcass.  Since normal heat does not kill cancer cells, we ingest live cancer cells when we eat cancerous meat.

* Hormones are given to animals to speed up their growth. It causes stress and depression.

* Chicken and turkey are often contaminated with disease and chemicals.  They are often sold in parts, such as wings.  These parts are left over when the diseased parts are cut out.

* The flesh of fish has been known on a regular basis to contain toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, kidney failure, nerve damage, and birth defects (Mercury).  A high incidence of cancer and other diseases are now being found in fish.

* The news is full of details of contaminated meat, sickness and death from dairy products, outbreaks of food poisoning and flocks and herds of animals drying from diseases (Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flue, etc.).

* Billions of people around the world are getting along just fine on plant protein diets.  Here are some of the advantages: 


HEALTH ADVANTAGES: People who don’t eat animal products have:

    Greater longevity; fewer heart attacks and strokes; fewer weight problems; lower cholesterol; lower blood pressure; less diabetes; fewer hemorrhoids, less cancer of the breast, prostate, and colon; stronger bones, less osteoporosis; fewer stones of the kidney and gallbladder, and less kidney disease, gouty arthritis, etc.



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