I would like to share some information about canola oil that I found from the “Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power” by Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger.

Canola or Rapeseed Oil:

Its composition is similar to that of olive oil, but with somewhat more linoleum acid and less saturated fatty acids.

This oil contains the fewest saturated fatty acids of any, and one of the richest in monounsaturated oleic acid, which protects against arteriosclerosis.

Together with walnut oil, it is the richest in linoleum acid Omega-3.

A genetically selected variation of rapeseed called canola has been developed in Canada that does not contain toxic erucic acid.

This oil comes from the common rapeseed plant contains a long-chain fatty acid known as erucic acid that is toxic to the coronary system. The refining process eliminates virtually all of it. Canola oil contains no erucic acid.

It must be refined before it can be consumed.

** Canola oil has a very bad reputation in Spain, due to the massive poisoning from the consumption of canola oil destined for industrial uses. Rapeseed oil that is for industrial use is marked as such with a dye. In Spain in the 1980s a group of swindlers processed some of this oil with chemicals to remove the dye. The resulting oil was sold as olive oil.

** A chemical reaction unforeseen to the swindlers caused the formation of toxic substances when they processed the industrial rapeseed oil. The result was a massive poisoning of the Spanish population resulting in 2,000 deaths and 20,000 persons left with disabilities.

I prayed about canola’s two sided story, and I asked the Lord to direct me on what I should do, and He led me to this book, and I strongly believe that God answered my prayers through this information.



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