Cream cheese balls with whole wheat bread

Bean and cheese enchiladas


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***Pictures taken by Allan Harbron and Dr. Henry Zuill.


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During this demonstration I showed everyone how easy it is to cook healthy and cholesterol free foods.


During this demonstration I presented information on how your diet can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, strengthen your immune system, and lower your cholesterol levels.



Delicious healthy nacho cheese without dairy products.
I am having so much fun sharing a healthy recipe with the class.

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Tofu is made from Soy Beans. Soy Beans will help to reduce heart disease, will lower cholesterol, and will help fight cancer. Soy Bean products is extremely important in our lives!


I am showing one of the people in the class, Tracy, how to make Tofu Patties with his hands. He was very eager to volunteer and learn how to make them. He did a wonderful job helping me!



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